Lombok Island is located 50km to the east of Bali Island.

Lombok Island and Bali Island are mutually divided by a deep shelf, which stretches from Australia’s bridge named Wallace line to Asia’s continental shelf. The side of Bali Island is Oriental region and the side of Lombok Island belongs to Australia region. There is a line which divides the ecosystem and whereas Lombok Island is next to Bali Island, it has a different mood from Bali. There are many similar animals and plants in this Island which can be commonly seen in Australia. If you walk along the roads of this classical island, it is a slow place which still has the nostalgic scenery, where cows, chickens, and water buffalo will show up before your eyes. Once you go into this island, you’ll get in touch with people living a simple life and can enjoy the unspoiled nature and you’ll fall into this island’s charm.

Since the olden times, Lombok Island people have spent their life sticking to long-standing traditional merits and their culture of a slow pace. To discover the magnificent places of scenic beauty in the island, above all, you have to explore the island. You can definitely find so to speak untouched beaches which are sparsely populated. There is an increasing interest of beach resort fans questing for new spots. You will certainly be able to see beautiful sceneries not easily found and heart-warming landscapes.

By walking along the Mataram, the capital, you will encounter leisurely pastoral scenery stretched across the city.While gazing at the leisurely large field scenery spread out endlessly, nostalgic townscape sprawls and you reach untouched and highly transparent beach. This is the serene and tiny village named Kuta.You will enjoy communicating with naive people and untouched nature. Trip to Lombok Island is truly a trip in the midst of nature! It must be also fun to ride a horse called cidomo and stroll around.

The biggest charming point of Lombok Island is the untouched beautiful beach and the highly transparent sea,

and especially, the dazzling fine white sand beach and the turquoise blue sea lying below your eyes.

You will be able to have a relaxing time to the full. Furthermore, there are golden conditions to enjoy marine sports, trekking, and golf in this island.Spending time in a carefree manner in a villa of Lombok Island, where the nature is well preserved, is fairly nice. You often see people enjoy their luxurious hotel resort life to the full and read books under the shade of a palm tree staring at the blue sea on the beach of beautiful sand. You’ll surely fall into the peaceful mood, spending time leisurely at the quiet and rustic beach. How about extending your trip to this beautiful Lombok Island?