The flow of the surfing guide service in Lombok Island

Lombok Island is wavy throughout the year; whether it is rainy or dry season, the island is wavy, allowing a surfer to enjoy surfing in the leisurely time.In South Lombok centering around Kuta, there are constant waves and the water temperature is stable at 28℃.

If the tourists come all the way to Lombok Island, we hope that they will feel the warm-heartedness of the islanders, the atmosphere of the island and the charm of all its untouched nature, so that they will also be made to know the attractiveness of Lombok, not only seeking for good waves. There are various surfing points ranging from the ones for beginners to the ones for advanced people.
We will take you to safe surfing points geared to your level in order that you can fully enjoy surfing.

The flow of the surfing tour

The surfing guide will pick you up at your hotel.
By having a briefing with you beforehand, we are going to decide the time to pick you up.Wait at the hotel lobby or stay in your hotel room until then.
It is recommended that you wear swimsuit under your clothes.triomabil

Round 1
We show you around the best point of the day matching your level and the wave conditions.We are always checking the best point such as the wave conditions or the number of participants. However, if it does not suit your desires, feel free to contact us as you can change it any time.Before going into the sea, the surfing guide will explain about the patterns or current of the point.The guide will lead you to the place where you can ride as easily as possible and help you push.lakilaki

Lombok Island The name of the island comes from a red pepper.As a lot of red peppers are cultivated there, it is said that the island was named after them.
For those who love very spicy dishes, we recommend you to try the local homeland cuisine, “Ayam Taliwang”.It is the cuisine of locally raised chicken roasted or fried as a whole with pulecing (chili) sauce using raw tomato peculiar to Lombok. It’s so juicy and tasty with addictive spiciness.Another famous local cuisine “Plecing Kangkung” is the one of boiled vegetables like Chinese water spinach and bean spout topped with sambal sauce.For those who are strong in spiciness, it is worth challenging!

Round 2
As the surfing guide will support you with friendliness, just feel free to ask questions for your progress.
According to your requests, moving to other points is also scheduled!I love slow and mellow waves; I prefer fast waves; I want to challenge big waves; I want to enjoy surfing at quiet places with few people etc. ? Just tell us your preference!

After coming back to the hotel, be sure to take a rest if you feel tired!
Thank you for using our service the whole day today.
It may be good to drop by the supermarket nearby and do shopping for food materials or beer before getting back to your hotel.Furthermore, there are scenic spots, where you can see and enjoy beautiful sunset at the beach where the sea spreads as far as the eye can reach. orangindonesia

The items you have to prepare Sunblock, bath towel, hat etc., cash for lunch and beverage, reef boots (bring them with you just in case)

Let’s have fun by taking part in the surfing school

We are holding the small-scale surfing lessons for those who are going to start surfing from now or have just started surfing.You can experience surfing by using the surfboard (soft top board) also used for trials and the lessons for beginners, covered by soft materials on the surface of outstanding buoyancy and stableness (the number is limited, though).Female customers can also enjoy surfing at ease.

We will be glad if we could be of any use to your satisfaction at the sea of Lombok.Lombok Island seen from the sea is also superb. You can apply for the lessons singly; there is nothing to worry about it.

The surfing school has been held considering your safety as the first priority.We kindly ask for your understanding in advance that irregularity such as the cancellation of the lessons etc.may occur in case of bad weather due to the conditions of the sea as surfing deals with nature.In the case of the decision of cancelation, we do not charge fees at all. Also, understand that the lessons may not be held due to unfavorable weather conditions such as thunder.

  • If you wear contact lens, be careful not to lose them during the lessons.
  • If you have long fingernails or toenails, cut them in advance as they may cause unexpected accidents.
  • The temperature is comfortable in the daytime. However, remember to prepare for sunburn prevention.
  • The garbage problem in Indonesia is very serious. We ask for your kind cooperation in beach cleaning activities.

Points to pay special attention

The most important thing for surfing is not to do in excess. If you think the waves are a little high, do not overdo by the simple reason that you have come all the way to the Lombok Island. The travel would be ruined if you had an accident. Confirm the physical conditions of the day/technique/level/the conditions of the sea/the size of the waves.The first step for surfing is to wait for the enjoyable waves suitable for your level. When you feel that the waves are high, notify the guide without hesitation. We will guide you to another point. Let’s enjoy surfing in Lombok slowly, never doing in excess, staying calm and taking your time!
Just in case, before coming to Lombok, we ask you to apply for overseas travel accident insurance.

The surfing guide service by Dion Surf Production is provided in Japanese/English/Indonesian.